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Adventists InStep for Life

Welcome to the "60 Days to Wellness" Program!

Beverly Church is Getting “Fit for Life”

Congratulations on taking this first step to becoming a fitter, stronger and healthier person! The goal of this program is to keep our physically active members motivated and to get our non-active members moving. You are not required to be a member of the Beverly Church to participate, so members, regular attendees, friends and family members can all participate.

How to Get Started

There are three steps that you need to take in order to participate in the program:

Step #1: Get a Pedometer

If you do not already have one, pedometers are available for as low as $20 at your local sporting goods store. Also, if you have a smartphone, you can download one of the many freely available apps to track your activity miles. If you are unable to obtain a pedometer, please use the attached Activity Worksheet to convert your activities into miles.

Step #2: Get Physically Active

If you are not already active, then use this wellness program as motivation to get moving! Remember, the formula to calculate your target heart rate is 220 minus your age. As always, if you have been sedentary, it is best to consult your doctor before starting any physical exercise regimen.

Step #3: Track your Miles

Log your miles daily and add them up every Friday afternoon. Please submit your weekly miles at least an hour before sunset. The most active male and female for the week will be recognized each Sabbath during the Health Spotlight.

There are two options available for you to log your activity miles:

  1. Online at the Adventists InStep for Life website (preferred)

  2. Printing and filling out the Activity Worksheet (PDF)

    • You will text or e-mail me your total miles for the week on Friday afternoon.

The “Biggest Loser” Challenge

If you would like to participate in our “Biggest Loser” challenge, please weigh yourself before starting the program. When the program concludes, weigh yourself again. There will be a special prize to the participant who loses the most weight!

Prizes & Awards

At the end of the program, prizes will awarded to:

  • The Most Active Male

  • The Most Active Female

  • The “Biggest Loser”

Also, by your participation in this wellness program, you are eligible to receive these individual active lifestyle awards:

Together, we can achieve great results in the next 60 days. Let’s stay motivated, consistent and positive with our physical activity goals!


Ben Corriette
Adventists InStep for Life Coordinator